Goal App

UI / UX, Product Design

How might we use Angela Duckworth's theory of goal-making to make a mobile app that increases grit? This assignment was done for a Positive Psychology class where we chose a book and were to create a final product from it. I chose to do a mobile application.

Tools Used: Sketch, Invision Studio

According to Angela Duckworth's book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverence, goals can be managed in a more efficient manner that allows to increase our grit.

Goal making graph from Duckworth's Book

Duckworth states that a goal be made into a goal hierarchy. Low level goals would be daily tasks, such as getting up out of bed by 8AM every morning, running a mile a day, etc. The higher the goal the more abstract, general, and important it becomes.

Another paragraph about how lower level goals can be added and subtracted.

Sketching interfaces

I brainstormed and sketched out some wireframes which led me to this.

Final Design!

This is the onboarding screen that displays an illustration to welcome users, a typical loading screen that leads you into a sign in page.

Illustrations add a welcoming feeling to the application. This was a creative direction I felt that was needed to enhance the warmness of the application.

Explaining Goals
This part of the application would introduce Duckworth's concept of goal making and the user would understand the steps that they need to take.

Making Goals
You would make goals in the order of high - mid - low level goals according to the explaination and theory of Angela Duckworth.

In case you didn't know how to make goals or what kind of goals you should be setting there are ? marks on each page.

You can also add more goals by pressing the plus button depending on which level goal you were on. The top level goal which is the most abstract can only have one goal as it is the overarching goal for all lower goals.

Articles and Other Features
Articles and other tabs would include interesting facts that are on the topic of goal-making. The one I included in the prototype is an aside that was used as a reference for goal-making. This tab would include other inspiration and references to grit and goal making.

Adding achievements to allow the user to feel that there is a solid goal that they can accomplish. Since goals can only tracked by oneself achievements would be rewarded based on how often the user does the lower, mid level goals.

Checking Goals
You can check on the mid and lower level goals by selecting the top level goal. Once clicked you can set notifications and reminders of those specific goals.

Users would be notified daily, weekly or monthly depending on the goal hierarchy or the setting that the user puts it as.

Illustrations and Moodboard!

What's Next
Because the birth of this project was inspired by a book, I would like to see users test it and see if grit can actually be reinforced by a mobile application. I would do a survey and use a grit measuring test before and after the use of the application to see if it actually affected one's positie psychology. It would be cool to see a team of developers and designers work together to flesh out a full mobile application.